A few thoughts on book reading

I always believe that there is a some hidden power inside a book.

A good book is a life work of an author which means if you read a book; you have almost squeezed the author whole life experiences and knowledge. Feels like you getting some power tonic. The author tries to take us through the journey of his experieces and we kind of get a chance to live that in very short span of time.

Coming to the sonorous but important question which always intrigued me i.e.

Why should I read other’s work? or just why should I read?

I tried to figure out the answer in terms of pros and cons. I had some sort of chart which looks like i.e.

  • I want to succeed
  • I want to be smarter than my peers or may be
  • I want to just enjoy so that I can release some good pheromones

but still I was not able to grasp the essence of why?

So one day, I was seating on bench near Agara lake in Banagalore. One one side you have this silence and other side there are traffic noises. This places can trigger lot of emotions if you just observe things. Surprisingly, it reminded me about a incident in childhood. If you know how primary education system works in India then you can easily relate to it. It is not lofty as you think. Teacher are allowed to beat student. It was true for me, I think laws has changed now. Reading comics or out of syllabus books were forbidden and at the same time in course book you would never find engaging content and so you can easily developed strong inclination to mystic stories and surreal comic books. I was caught several times with these book during regular class and you can imagine my punishments.

But at the same time I didn’t feel bad at all

I can easily recollect my memories i.e. when I moved to boarding school and thankfully it have a huge library. I started spending lot of time in libraries to explore what there. It used to be great passtime just moving on from one visual to another. Not only this, I used to queue for new books and story magazines if any one of my classmate has got. After reading these short stories, I used to have endless question in my mind from silly to deep. One time after reading Abraham Lincolnbiography, I went in infinite loop thinking How can normal human like Abraham Lincoln can become president?. Why? Why? Why? him only.

So finally,

I discovered the essence of reading i.e. good stories/writing fuels curiosity and imagination.

Which are colossal thing to have in one’s life.

What your essence of reading? type in the comments! If you want to go through my reading list, click here.

Thank you for reading!