Breaking the inertia

I always wanted to have a online diary where I can share my findings, thoughts and opinion which might be useful for other and also for me. And so, I went ahead and bought a domain. If you have little context about the India, then my name is really common. What I mean is that since childhood, every class used to have 2-3 Rahul's. What does this mean to me is that, I will have no luck in getting any domain name which is relevant to my name. I thought it is good opportunity to find a name for the site.

And so, I picked Rudrakos.

What does the name “Rudrakos” mean?

Rudrakos (pronounced “roo d-ruh kohs”) is a combination of two Sanskrit words i.e. Rudra (mightiest of mighty) and Kosa (pocket), meaning container of omnipotent. I felt like it is a great synonyms for any site. I try to share things which will help us grow!

Also if you have some ideas to share; just mail it to me.