How not to give a fuck like Rick

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If you have stumbled upon this post, I will recommend you to go and first read Mark Manson post on The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. His post brings out the true definition of what it means to not give a fuck. I read his post a year ago and later, truly followed the three described principles.


I can easily assess how much difference the above three sentences has made in my life. I am in no position to say that I have become the next Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking or a next heart throb of world but for sure, it has paved the way for inner greatness and satisfaction.

Oh wait! The title says “Rick” and we are talking about something else.

Who is Rick?

Rick is a main character in Rick and Morty American animated science fiction comedy created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Adult Swim. He is a scientist and your first acquaintance with him will make you realize that he doesn’t care about anything.

Rick is enjoying his drink; where as others are scared!

After having a glimpse of the above portrait, you can get an overlay imagination of Rick’s personality and to continue our journey in learning the tricks to carefree life; we will need to understand why Rick doesn’t give a fuck? Here, I will try my best to reverse engineer a human character which literally takes years to imbibe in oneself. To get started, We will first learn a bit about Rick’s nature, ambition and goal which will help us to simulate our own life situations with his.

Rick is an eccentric, alcoholic, mad scientist who views his time more valuable than others and he eschews the value of many ordinary human conventions such as school, marriage, and even love. His reaction to the mundane requests asked of him by family members suggests he considers himself wholly superior to them.

Sounds like bad characters to have in lieu with the current pseudo-conservative society. I agree with you. We don’t need to be alcoholic to be carefree or considered other fellow being inferiors. The fight is fucking with ourselves, fucking our own inner self. Which is inside you, me and any human being. Our inner-self has been tamed in the cage of the worldly illusion of prosperity by sacrificing who you truly are. We have arrived at point to go through our first lesson.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the pasta spaghetti; say to your girlfriend on the face, even though it’s her favorite and she is always insisting on having it. You can say your closest friend that you don’t enjoy fucking boring jokes and it doesn’t make you laugh at all. Just for once, tell your dubious inner-self shut the fuck up and let me be true to all these people. After all, they are your true friends, lovers and they should take it positively.

Lesson 1

Abstaining your true opinion is same as telling a lie.

Rick takes no chance in saying what he thinks about his family members on their face. I feel, it hurts to get a slanderous opinion about yourself from your closed one but if you just take a moment and think about it, you will soon realize; the real bravery and courage reside inside the sayer’s not the receiver.

They live in great pain and we need to appreciate these people in life instead of being prejudiced to them.

Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub is Rick’s catchphrase.

In the episode Ricksy Business, Rick uses the above catchphrase multiple times, and Birdperson explains to Morty that in his language it means “I am in great pain, please help me.” Though Rick is in great pain but he never shares this with others, I think it is because he doesn’t want people should view him empathetically.

Grace and pray for those people who had said “fuck you” for good reason!

Lesson 2

In control of your surrounding.

How can you achieve the super power to control your environment? Is it possible? Yes, it is and up to a great extent. Let go through a simple analysis of daily routine. I will not be surprised if you say that 90% of what you do is repetitive and there is a hidden pattern (no one gives a shit about the mundane tasks) in the events leading to these tasks. BTW I am not talking about your shitty job routine here. The task can be anything you do which takes less than 5 minutes of your time i.e.

  • Having breakfast
  • Catching a bus
  • Changing dress
  • And infinite number of different things will come under 5 minutes time line

Now several tasks can make up an event and as human being, we remember only events. Your birthday is an event where you might have done several tasks like Getting dressed, calling each friends, ordering cake etc. The idea is to break the task into as smaller subs tasks. The more sub tasks the better it is.

I will be giving my example of an event which has become an annoyance over the time to me which is In Person Meeting With People due to several reasons. Let’s go through various tasks I need to do:

  • Make a call
  • Look for mutual time
  • Set reminder
  • Get dressed on meeting day (might involve more time, make up for girls :P)
  • Look out for cabs/buses
  • Traffic
  • Call again
  • Look out here and there
  • Finally meet

Now bring out the all the things which can turn bad and call it as event output.

  • Delay in meeting
  • Synchronization
  • Emotional kill/Frustration
  • location confusion
  • End up without meeting due to above reasons

Every task has one or more than one output as it can have cascading effect on later tasks. For example, traffic can delay your meeting time and then it can cause synchronization issue and then emotional shock etc. Same way other tasks can also get screwed for numerous reasons i.e. you can’t find cabs/buses, your clothes are not ironed, so many other stuffs and this will hit your emotional nerve. For me traveling in Bangalore traffic and then waiting for hours on the way is a nightmare.

We will be using maths conjecture to describe/define the above problem and solve it. There are a lot of variables with multiple outputs (Long waiting for hours in traffic(variable) can delay in meeting(output)). The key for controlling the environment lies in: How can you achieve certainty over these variables and streamline the output towards the happy one?

Even the most chaotic life have pattern

The idea is to analyze tasks which have maximum numbers of output with cascading (one-to-many).

Make a callsynchronization
Look for mutual timesynchronization
Set reminderDelay in meeting
Emotional kill
End up not meeting
TrafficDelay in meeting
Emotional kill

If a task has greater dependency, I will try ways to solve it first. Taking above case, most of the time mismatch happens because I do not have a proper reminder for it and can be easily deduced from the above table. Later, I started having reminders on my calendar with 15, 10, 5 minutes before notifications alerts. These have helped me reduced all the next subsequent problems. Looking for these small nitty gritty is the fundamental requirement and then trying to solve with the resources within your hand will help to have greater control over the environment.

Throughout the show, you will find Rick have a way to get through almost any situation but panicking hell out of his grandson Morty. How can he do that? I think it’s because with his knowledge and experience, he has mastered his dependency table and he is well aware of the outcomes of the tasks as well as risk involved in each of it and that is his secret of carefree brain which in turns gives him the confidence but as said no one is perfect and so, in one episode i.e. ---Schrodinger cat--- he was left with no other choice but to pray god to save his life as outcome didn’t turn up as expected.

I will say, no one is perfect and there may be a deviation from what you are expecting as the outcome but sooner or later if you have done meticulous research and planning for the situation you will get through it because of the confidence you gained and ability to look for small tasks. Here I will stop this lesson because you might have already heard thousands of stories about how successful people around the world solves problems.

Lesson 3

Start accepting rejection gracefully

Let me ask you all a questions: Do you love rejections? Most of us will agree we don’t. I guess only those people are on the positive side of it are who realizes that there is more good in accepting it than opposing it. Accepting rejection doesn’t mean you are demeaning yourself, it is more about introspecting one’s own actions.

Rejections, I started embracing it when I was in my sophomore year. I used to be very good in maths but during this year, I failed in my favorite subject. It was a jolt I hadn’t expected. I didn’t have courage to tell this thing to my parents who always considered me very good at studies. I felt embarrass whenever I heard the word, not expected from you and then comes the usual consoling words. Initially, I started blaming the professor about his foul teaching style, no proper guidance. In my head, I had long list of ill will against him.

But after 15 days, I got an email from exam cell that I will have to reappear for the exam and can view my paper. I saw the paper and then I realized, how silly mistakes I have done because of my lazy poor preparations. After this event, I never failed and even scored maximum marks. In one and half month I learned more about myself which helped me throughout my college. I could have blamed 100 other people for my rejections but the day you accept it we become a little more successful from yesterday.

If you want to learn the art of accepting rejections, I will recommend reading REJECTION PROOF by Jia Jiang.

In the final episode of season 2 (The Wedding Squanchers), Rick escapes from the wedding with his family members after the Galactic Federation’s deep cover agent Tammy attacks everyone. Tammy was sent to hunt down Rick. Rick left with no choice to find another livable planet as Earth is no longer a safe place for him.

Unable to return home and not at all happy with the idea of living out their lives on a planet roughly the size of a major metropolis, a family meeting is called. Jerry, in his typical cowardly fashion, wants to turn Rick over so they can go home, while Beth doesn’t want to see her father leave, afraid of again suffering through his abandonment.

Rick accepts this rejection from his own loved one and surrender.

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