Magus Mundus


Magus Mundus is a 3D game where the player takes the form of a young wizard called Magus in the magical world - Mundus where his goal is to rescue his father from the wicked clutches of the evil witch Serpentina and her 3 daughters, and heal the people plagued by various kinds of diseases in his journey.

In the process, he has to safeguard the rare plants in his environment from the witches. Solving puzzles with the help of the magical cat Felix, the player goes on a valiant quest where the knowledge about the plants in the environment takes him closer to his ultimate goal.


  • To create factual knowledge associations in memory as above.
  • To develop understanding of the significance of conservation of endangered plants.
  • To develop resource management and decision making skills.
  • To instill a sense of social responsibility in the player.
  • To develop an affinity towards natural resources.



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  1. Prof. Amy Ogan
  2. Prof. Erin Walker
  3. Erik Harpstead